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Jason is a native of Concord and graduated from UNC-Charlotte with a BFA in Art Education.  He is a graduate of the Edmund Morgan School and has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2005.  He began his massage career in the Lake Norman / North Charlotte region and in 2015, expanded his practice to include the Concord area as well.

He is Certified in Neuromuscular Massage Therapy and has received training in Swedish, Reflexology, Hot Stones, Lymphatic Drainage, Muscle Release Therapy, and Thai Massage.

In addition to a Deep Tissue Massage session, Jason often employs gentle stretching to aid in the release of stress and tension held in the body.  This helps to increase the benefits that massage therapy can bring by allowing joint mobilization while in a relaxed state.  Often clients make extensive gains in range of motion after a single session.

Jason is now accepting clients and continuing to explore new modalities in order to bring something refreshing and new to each session.

Massage Therapy in Concord

What We Do 

Abode Therapy is dedicated to providing a clean, calm, and relaxing environment for your bodywork.  An initial visit will include an intake form and brief assessment to help determine the goal for the session or series of sessions.  Refer to our "Services" page for a more detailed description of the types of Bodywork we offer.

Massage and Bodywork are tools for you to use in recovering from injury, easing physical or emotional stress, and also to increase your body's own sense of awareness.   Although it is not meant to replace competent medical advice or provide a diagnosis, massage therapy can be of benefit to many for increasing their own wellbeing.


Abode Therapy has two locations to serve you.  The first location is within the Office of 'Relax and Restore Bodywork' at 17830 Statesville Road Cornelius, NC 28031 and the second location is in the heart of downtown Concord at 11 Union Street South (Suite # 205) Concord, NC 28025.

Please refer to the "Contact" page and take advantage of the area map to assist in locating the office best for you, or simply call Jason at 704.359.7118.