Massage Therapy in Concord

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There is also an opportunity to save for members of the YMCA as well as Davidson College Students, Alumni, and Staff.  Current members of these groups can take an extra $10 off any of the prices listed here.  The list of groups able to participate in this offer will continue to grow.  Please call or email with the appropriate contact information for any group that you would request to be added.

Single Session Pricing:

 30 minutes - $40


 60 minutes - $70

 90 minutes - $90

 120 minutes - $120

Packages of Four Sessions:

4@30 minutes - $135

4@60 minutes - $250

4@90 minutes - $325

4@120 minutes - $435

 Packages of Ten Sessions:

10@30 minutes - $325

10@60 minutes - $595

10@90 minutes - $765

10@120 minutes - $1000


Sessions are priced according to the amount of time requested.  The length of a session can range from a single half-hour up to a full 2 hours.  When scheduling a session it is important to arrive a few minutes in advance.  This will ensure that you can fill out any paperwork or discuss your goals for the session without sacrificing any time for your therapy.  It is also helpful not to schedule anything too soon after your session time, if possible.  Allow yourself at least a few moments to relax and refresh after your session.  With that in mind, you can more accurately decide which session is a better fit for your day.