Follow these step-by-step instructions if you would like to purchase a Massage Session or Package of Sessions with Jason Isenhour, L.M.B.T. #5772.  This is a convenient way to pre-pay for your own Massage or to give the Gift of Massage to someone you care about.

For Single Session Massage or Package of Sessions

Step One:      Visit:

Step Two:      Select and purchase the Single Session or Package that you prefer.

Step Three:   You will receive an email confirmation with a unique Order Number (example: #aW1y).*  

Success!  You have purchased your Single Session Massage or Package of Sessions.  

For Purchasing and Printing Your Own Gift Certificates

Step Four:     Click on the Button at the top of this page labeled "Download and Print Your Own Gift Certificate.pdf"

Step Five: ‚Äč     Print the PDF from the new window/ tab that opens or choose to Save the PDF file for printing later at your convenience.

Step Six:        Fill out the Gift Certificate and be sure to write in the Order Number found on your email receipt noted in "Step Three" above.  This is the line marked "S/N" on the Gift Certificate and will serve to verify the Gift Certificate when it is redeemed.

That's it!  Enjoy your Massage!

*This email and/ or Number serves as your receipt, please keep for your records and have it available when scheduling your session.


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